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Ollie the Twitterrific Bird

January 11, 2010

Ollie, the Twitterrific mascot, is now shipping worldwide. He was first previewed at San Diego Comic-Con, but now he’s arrived for sale to everyone! Ollie comes in two editions: a normal vinyl version for just $19.95 and a limited-edition flocked (fuzzy) version available for $26.95.

The Ollie character and the vinyl figure were designed by me and produced by the Iconfactory through StrangeKiss Toys. Head on over to the Iconfactory store and to order one!

Twitterrific Auction

December 1, 2009

Four prototypes for the upcoming Twitterrific vinyl toy that I designed are being auctioned as a set. Check the Iconfactory for more information and details! Happy bidding!

Buy a yeti!

July 30, 2009

Bill the Yeti is now officially released and for sale! You can buy your favorite one, or there is a bundle for all 3 versions as well over at StrangeKiss Toys.

Bill the Yeti

July 14, 2009

Bill the Yeti is just about here! Bill is about 8 inches in height and weighs in at over one pound. He has authentic clothing, coming with a hat, overalls, shirt and even undies! Oh, and because Bill likes to run around naked when the mood strikes, he’s got a the backpack that can hold all his clothes. Each version is limited to only 250 pieces and I will have a special SDCC print as well.


Bill the Yeti

February 12, 2009

For the last few months I’ve been working on a few new toy projects to follow up the tremendous fun I had with Zog. But with Zog being the first toy for both me and Strangekiss, we didn’t do any accessories and focused mainly on the figure itself and learning the production process and it’s various steps. To one-up myself a bit, I’m hoping to have multiple toys out this year (both with accessories) and first of them will be Bill the Yeti from the drawing King of the Castle.


Masks for Zog

February 7, 2009

Zog has been busy carving out some masks to celebrate Plastic and Plush’s nomination for best toy of 2008. There are some premade masks as well as templates to draw your own (and if you come up with a good one, I’d love to see it!). Download the masks here.

Zog Pre-orders

July 23, 2008

Today at noon (PST) pre-orders for Zog toys should go live at StrangeKiss for the regular purple edition for $79.95 and the Kozik bloody colorway for $99.95. If you are attending SDCC this year, we have a small shipment that we flew in and we’ll be raffling off 5 per day so make sure to come by to pick up a ticket for your chance to purchase one. The web pre-orders should start coming in within a few weeks since they’re being shipped by boat from the factory.

Zog official release

July 10, 2008

The production line is in full force and the first toy shipments of Zog and the Murder Zog variant by Kozik are on their way here for a late July release during SDCC. I’ll have more specific details as it gets closer, but you can get some more specs and information at Strangekiss where they will be available for purchase online in a few weeks.