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January 16, 2013

Between brainstorming and projects and my daily doodling time, my sketchbook and computer are full of sketches that very few people would ever see. If you’re interested in getting a peek at them, I’ve started a sketches tumblr that will be updated daily-ish with new sketches and old buried gems that I dig out of folders and sketchbooks of old. Drop on by if you’re a fan of line work!

Tree Sketch

January 16, 2006

A twisted tree and a flying monkey.

New Sketches

November 29, 2005

Added some new sketches, one with the concepts for ‘Phosphoric Acid’ and another of some doodles of a few figures.

Updated sketches and art

August 12, 2004

I scanned in some more of my sketches and added a piece of splash art I created for a flash game. The link for the game is there also, so give it a try if you are into the WWII stuff.

Speaking of WWII games, I found Silent Storm to be a lot of fun, not enough turn based action games out there ^_^