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My Setup

January 27, 2009

For anyone that is interested in what hardware and software I use on a daily basis, I was just interviewed by waferbaby about just that.

MacThemes.net Interview

September 24, 2007

I was asked some questions on a range of topics, mostly centered around icons and design on the mac, by the great guys at MacThemes.net. Check it out here.

Apple Matters Interview

October 3, 2006

I’ve had the pleasure of being interviewed by Apple Matters this week, it’s a pretty long one, but feel free to give it a read!

mcville interview

July 3, 2006

I was recently interviewed by the fantastic people at mcville, you can read it here.

Interview and upcoming sets

July 13, 2004

I was interviewed by the guys over at ArtOrg.

A Somatic add-on set is in the works that will include a bunch or applications that were requested, if there are any in particular that you’d like to see then let me know!