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Steampunk Storage

December 7, 2010

I’ve always wanted to do a steampunk inspired icon set, but steampunk is known for it’s incredibly detailed styling and mixtures of textures and creative contraptions (all of which add up to a sizable amount of time to plan out each icon). I finally dived into it and made this small set of hard drive icons and wallpapers for your desktop.

Night Owl

November 12, 2010

Barney the owl has a moment of zen. Commissioned by Roman for Susan (so when you download the wallpaper, yell “Thanks Roman!” for letting me post a desktop and print!)

Summer’s End

September 1, 2010

It’s been a great summer and very productive, so here’s a drawing of Peet and Barnaby to celebrate!

Summer's End

(As a special present, I’ve also made a new Space Doggy drawing)

Space Doggy

Flurry Extras 4

June 29, 2010

See, that didn’t take long, did it? Another set of Flurry icons, rounding (or should I say, squaring up) the set with some additional requests and misc designs that you can use on folders. Grab the latest set from the Iconfactory.

Redesigning Twitterrific

May 20, 2010

Twitterrific has gone through quite a few design iterations since it first launched on the desktop three years ago.  As it progressed and evolved, we began to notice something happening with it that has ended up frustrating us, and even worse, our users.  As Twitter has grown and expanded, becoming more popular and with more third party tricks and additions, many Twitter clients have also been growing alongside (and in most cases, beyond) the main service; ending up with bad cases of feature creep and over-complexity.  Twitterrific has been affected just as much as anyone else and maintaining multiple versions has been keeping us much more busy than it should have been.  We’re in the midst of designing and planning future versions of the application for at least three very different platforms (Mac OS X, iPhone, and now iPad) it’s become increasingly obvious to us that a change is needed in order for our beloved app to remain healthy.



May 19, 2010

Trolls don’t just like thread, they’ll also be attracted to any kind of shiny new thing (even if it’s not finished developing yet).
There’s also a video of the complete drawing process from start to finish.

How I draw

May 13, 2010

Many people have asked about how I draw and what my process is, so I’ve finally recorded a short video of me drawing an coloring a character in vectors. I know my results often look simple and clean, but there’s a lot more work and adjustments as I go along than many people realize, I hope you enjoy the insight and maybe I’ll do some more of these, it was quite fun.

For drawing in photoshop, I also have a time-lapse video this video from when I was working on Pickin’ Time.

Flurry Extras 3

May 11, 2010

I’ve released a big update to the always popular Flurry icons. It includes a bunch of application icon replacements and other fun icons. I’ve still got a big list of more updates to do in the future so if I haven’t gotten to your favorite application yet, it probably won’t be too long. You can download the new set from the Iconfactory.