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Winter Cardinal

December 16, 2008

I really love seeing the stolid black tree trunks and limbs against snow and sky in the winter, especially when they are decorated by hints of red cardinals going about their winter business.


December 5, 2008

I’ve had the great pleasure of being added to the ranks of designers at Infectious. They create vinyl stickers to decorate your walls, laptop, iPhone, and even your car! They chose a few of my existing drawings for stickers and I’m definitely looking forward to doing some custom artwork with them in the future. I hope they brighten up your gear and surroundings!

Somatic Rebirth

December 2, 2008

The original Somatic icons were one of my first freeware releases at the Iconfactory nearly 4 years ago, and they are still one of my most popular sets. They were getting a bit dated however, so I decided to revisit them with some refinements as well as creating updates for the entire system that are compatible with the large sizes supported by the latest operating systems. Also included is a desktop picture to match the set. Keep an eye out for extras and application sets coming soon!

Thanksgiving Rocks

November 19, 2008

Have a great thanksgiving and don’t forget to pass out a round of high-fives!

Little Friends

November 6, 2008

So I had all these small frames around with nothing to fill them, and then I remembered some sketches I had laying around as well as some icons I’m working on. And thus my mini-prints were born. Small low cost 5×7 prints to keep you company on your desk or walls! I’ll probably be doing some more since these came out so cute, so enjoy the first set of Little Friends.

Son of Somatic

October 28, 2008

Somatic is returning and the first installment are some creepy and festive icons for halloween! They match quite well with The Last House wallpaper so you can fully decorate your desktop for the season. Grab the icons via the Iconfactory.

Happy Halloween

October 13, 2008

As you go on your annual candy hunt, don’t forget to celebrate the memories of those that have already gone. There’s no doubt they would enjoy seeing us all have fun. Of course, the most fun in trick-or-treating is always the house you save for last. As always, if you enjoy the desktops, feel free to click the donate link and send me a small treat as well, it’ll go straight into my candy fund this month!

Tools for the Trade

October 5, 2008

It seems that I’ve been on a blue, black, and red kick recently. So it continues with a little robot repairman in his workshop. This one was a bit too busy for a desktop, so I took his wall of tools and converted that into a nice subtle background to download.