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I've always had a fascination with the contrasts of nature and technology, and having a bit of an over-active imagination, it's led me to love both traditional and digital arts to explore where the creative process takes the drawing. I like to have some fun and mischief with my drawings to keep them open-ended, inviting you to add your own story (which I always love to hear about).

In addition to constantly exploring my personal art, I'm also the co-founder of Impending, working on ways to add some more fun to your everyday experiences. My favorite projects so far have been Heads Up!, Hatch, and Sticker Pals for iOS, I hope you enjoy them as well :)

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Jun 15, 17

A cute little nudibranch taking a stroll, had fun with the color ways and learning some more 3D + modeling the scene in VR (waaaay too fun!)

Tourist Animation

May 25, 17

My first short film is finally ready to share, Tourist, enjoy!

I learned a lot about animation, but mostly that I have a lot more to learn :P


Apr 20, 17

A little stream that’s found its niche, slowly growing an audience.

Egg Breath

Apr 14, 17

A golden child in a protective shell, lies in the darkness amid a sulfuric smell.

Photo wallpaper bundle

Feb 07, 17

I’ve been getting some requests for using my photos as wallpapers, so I put together a new bundle of the ones I use the most. Same deal as the illustrated walls with ongoing content updates :) You can find it over in the shop, enjoy!

Deep End

Jan 09, 17

Sometimes taking it slow in the shallow end just isn’t an option.

Sticker Pals

Jan 09, 17

Sticker Pals are a colorful group of hand-animated sticker friends to play in your Messages, you can drag them to react to conversations or post them by themselves to help you convey feelings, sometimes describe strangely specific situations, or just spark spontaneous silliness with over a hundred animated expressive poses. There’s also hundreds of additional prop and reaction stickers to layer on top, I went a bit overboard with it all :P

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Moon & Stars

Nov 02, 15

Though sometimes lost in the cycles of the day, Moon and Stars always found each other to dance again through the night.