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I've always had a fascination with the contrasts of nature and technology, and having a bit of an over-active imagination, it's led me to love both traditional and digital arts to explore where the creative process takes the drawing. I like to have some fun and mischief with my drawings to keep them open-ended, inviting you to add your own story (which I always love to hear about).

In addition to constantly exploring my personal art, I'm also the co-founder of Impending, working on ways to add some more fun to your everyday experiences. Our favorite projects so far have been Heads Up! and Hatch for iOS, I hope you enjoy them as well :)

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If you want to know what's new or keep up with what I'm working on, you can also find me here:


Moon & Stars

Nov 02, 15

Though sometimes lost in the cycles of the day, Moon and Stars always found each other to dance again through the night.

Hunter Gather

Jul 27, 15

For some, hunting and gathering is still a way of life.


Jul 16, 15

hmmm… Harvest in a salty cave, what could go wrong?

Little Mermaid

Jun 11, 15

Something has caught a curious eyeLittle Mermaid


Jun 11, 15

Moss, a Weightless, has a restful night at a hot spring spa before setting off on a journey with his closest friends.

Spacing Out

Feb 17, 15

When exploring the depths of space and time, some questions are better left unanswered…


Dec 02, 14

Once a month on the crescent moon, the smokehouse flares up for those who wish to consume.


Nov 17, 14

Finally after quite a while of expanding on a sketch with colored pencils, I finished up a giant 13×19″ drawing of some very colorful robots.

A gathering of friends in an open forum, chatting and sharing their passions and techniques; sometimes ducking from view of the moderators or encouraging the lurkers to join in.

Here are some photos of it in-progress: Chatbots progress