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Bill the Yeti

February 12, 2009

For the last few months I’ve been working on a few new toy projects to follow up the tremendous fun I had with Zog. But with Zog being the first toy for both me and Strangekiss, we didn’t do any accessories and focused mainly on the figure itself and learning the production process and it’s various steps. To one-up myself a bit, I’m hoping to have multiple toys out this year (both with accessories) and first of them will be Bill the Yeti from the drawing King of the Castle.

Now, the last couple of winters have been getting more harsh on Bill, and he’s had to scavenge some clothes from local farmers. But come the spring time, Bill has himself a nice backpack to keep his clothes in so he keeps cool and his clothes stay clean.

Bill the Yeti Turnaround Sheet


Above you can see the pre-production drawing of the turnaround for Bill. It was pretty challenging to design everything in my head so the clothes would actually go on and off with ease and also fit correctly in the backpack. We’ll see if I’ve gotten it right soon enough.

We’ve also just gotten in the second round of the main sculpt for the toy. The first round had some minor things that needed to be adjusted; the arm positions were a tad high and the fur on his upper chest was slightly blocking the rotation of the arms. But now that’s all cleaned up and we’re pretty much at the final sculpt which you can see here:

Bill the Yeti sculpt


The next step will be the wax molding and some clothing samples. From my side, I’ll be working on the packing design and promotional graphics. Personally, I can’t wait to see it all come together!