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Zog Production Update: Wax Model

May 7, 2008

Things are getting close now, it looks like we are on schedule and just hit the wax mold stage of production.

The wax model will be used to produce the production molds that the vinyl will be injected into.  So we’re getting very close to having a final product!

Zog Wax Model


I’d also like to announce that in addition to the normal and loving Zog we all know, designer Frank Kozik will be creating a limited edition colorway of Zog’s slightly more evil twin. Everything is about balance and you can’t have something sweet without a little sour:

Kozik's Murder Zog


And lastly, just a reminder that I’ll be at the San Diego Comic Convention this year in StrangeKiss’ booth #4637 so here’s your official invite to stop by and say hi!

Zog at SDCC