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Zog, my first vinyl toy

February 7, 2008

You may be familiar with one of my characters named Zog, if not by name, then definitely by sight. He’s the big purple guy from the first Somatic icons, and he can often be spotted sleeping on a grassy hill, or hunting marshmallows.

Thanks to the insanely huge help of Strangekiss, Zog has started his journey to become more than just a drawing. In not too long, you’ll be able to hold his rotocast vinyl body in your hands and chase your own marshmallows around the floor. So, to celebrate this great news, I’ve put together a sneak peek of concepts and production art to share.

To first prep Zog for his new voyage, he needed a few things, most importantly was a backside. Not being a sculpter myself, this is an good thing to have so that the professional sculptors can do their job. So I started a turnaround sheet where all sides, sizes, colors and options can be accounted for. I mostly envisioned Zog as being a like a large water balloon, very weighted on the bottom so he can keep his balance while traipsing through a vast swampy wilderness. This was quite a fun step in the process and you can see the results below (click the image for a closer look).

Zog Turnaround Sheet

As you can see from the picture, he’ll stand about 7 inches tall and be a bit wider than that. With that planned out, I could move on to doing some packaging design. It’s still fairly preliminary, but probably developed enough to give you an idea of how it’ll look. The little white rounded rectangle will be a window so Zog can see out and doesn’t get too claustrophobic during traveling.

Box Art

And lastly here’s a zoom in on the official Zog logo! Shockingly, it looks just like him: purple with a mini eco-sytem on his back and a little scruffy.

Zog logo

I hope that you like what you see so far, and I’ll be sure to keep updates with the progress as it moves along! A big thanks to all my visitors, I’ve really had a blast making things to decorate your surroundings with and hopefully this will be another way to make your home or office all the more fun.