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Somatic Theme 2.0 and Somatic Document Icons

August 9, 2005

I’ve update the Somatic Theme for OSX to version 2.0, adding a new color ‘albino’. I’ve also seperated the desktops and icons into a seperate guikit that you can download by clicking on the ‘addons’ link.

Also new is the Somatic document icons which includes 280 icons for most of the popular programs on OSX. So make sure to check those out to complete the Somatic makeover for your desktop!

Phosphoric Acid

May 23, 2005

A new piece called ‘Phosphoric Acid’. It’s my dedication to the evilness of soda.

Looking for Trouble

March 19, 2005

Been packed with work, but I’ll be doing more personal stuff soon… first up is a drawing titled ‘Looking for Trouble’.